Friday, November 04, 2005

Marathon Blog

Maybe I am just new to blogs, but I am used to the kind where someone vents their extreme feelings about some political issue and maybe in a few days they get a comment or two. And then there's my brother, Bob, who creates a post that generates enough traffic to slow the Internet down to the point that people notice. Sheesh! His one thread is bigger than my whole blog!

*regains composure*

OK, I'm back. I think that was my first time ever experiencing "blog-envy." All I can say is, "Way to go, bro. Google Ads was built just for you."

1 comment:

Bob Caswell said...

You know, Tom, the funny thing is that you weren't around when I wrote an earlier post in February that generated 190 comments ( The trick is say something negative about BYU or mention that you've seen a rated-R movie. You do this around Mormons, and you're in for a treat!