Friday, November 11, 2005

7870 commercial blog project

At Cafe Sabor Dr. Wiley said that the 7870 class wiki could serve as an example of a suitable class project. I am just wondering about copyright issues. I have narrowed my project topic to focus on commercial blogs (I may expand it if I find the topic is too narrow). I was planning on putting these together in a series of posts on a blog, organized categorically. Since 90% of my learning objects need to come from sources other than myself, how do I do this with out violating copyright? I know I can link to other sites like Wiley did in his 7870 wiki, but is that enough? I don't want to be a copycat, but the only idea that seems to fit is some sort of narrative peppered with relevant outside links.

One more thing that has been on my mind is that I want people to be able to find what they need quickly and efficiently. I need to look into this more, but has anyone found a way to organize blogs (other that just broad categories or chronologically)? Perhaps carefully selected categories are enough. Any thoughts?


David said...

Hey, be a copycat if that's what works for you. If you feel like you can effectively teach some good content in this format, bring it on!

Alicia Bennett said...

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