Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Rapid web client development/deployment with Bungee Builder

From the FamilySearch Conference:
(but it deserves its own post)
Matt Misbach
(Bungee Labs): Rapid web client development/deployment
  • The buider IDE itself is a bungee application
  • No data management included, but this can plug into S3 (it runs on EC3).
  • The IDE will always be free to developers
  • Business model: it will eventually be billed based on a utility model (a combination of server memory footprint, bandwidth, and CPU). For this year (the beta period) it will be free.
  • Create an account and email your username to matt[at]bungeelabs[dot]com, then he'll invite you to his developer group with the bungee FamilySearch API.
  • is an example of what you can do with the FamilySearch API
  • WideLens is a more general example app that combines into a single calendar, SalesForce, GoogleCalendar, etc, etc.

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