Sunday, March 02, 2008

A pub and a baptism...

This has been a great week! Earlier this week I got my first "pub." An article I wrote with Shelley Henson Johnson, Marion Jensen, and David Wiley was published in The International Review of Research in Open and Distance Learning. It is called, "Open Educational Resources: Enabling Universal Education," and is available online. When the editor of the journal wrote me to tell me our article had been accepted, she called me Professor Caswell. That was weird! I think I'll just go by Tom, even after I graduate.

The other great thing that happened this weekend was my son Jordan's baptism. Even though the snowy weather made it hard for some family to come, it was a special day. I'll get some pics up on my flickr page soon.


robmba said...

double congrats, professor caswell

brooke said...

Tom. That totally rocks - about both - Jordan and your pub. Please wish Jordan a big congratulations for me and I wish for him great peace and wonder as he starts this new part of his spiritual journey.