Thursday, December 08, 2005

7150 Project: School IT Security Wiki

Well, the commercial blogging thing wasn't really working out. Then, a few weeks ago, I wrote some content for a CURI grant Brett Shelton is doing on IT security, or the lack of it, in our public schools. I kept thinking about school IT security, and finally decided to make it the topic of my 7150 (Learning Objects) class project. I've been working on it alot over the past few days, and right now I am wishing I was sitting in a more comfortable chair. Anyway, here's the link to my wiki.


Shelton Brett said...

I think this will be really important and has the potential to provide some significant impact as the project gets going. I especially like the way you've organized it, I think adding information to it will be streamlined.

Tom said...

I had to take it down because it because a spam magnet. Still, it was a good exercise.